Nábytek Montessori

The Screen (Room Divider) – bookcase / shelf

7 590 Kč Cena bez DPH: 6 273 Kč

Educational Room Screen/ Separator

2 130 Kč Cena bez DPH: 1 760 Kč

Fish Rocker

2 990 Kč Cena bez DPH: 2 471 Kč

Kitchen Helper 3 in 1

5 090 Kč Cena bez DPH: 4 207 Kč

Multifunctional Screen Room Divider

5 600 Kč Cena bez DPH: 4 628 Kč

The Screen (Room Divider) – desk

6 100 Kč Cena bez DPH: 5 041 Kč

House Rotunda

2 130 Kč Cena bez DPH: 1 760 Kč

The Screen (Room Divider) – dollhouse

8 580 Kč Cena bez DPH: 7 091 Kč

Roundabout Table

2 940 Kč Cena bez DPH: 2 430 Kč

Roundabout Stool

1 450 Kč Cena bez DPH: 1 198 Kč

Dům židle

2 260 Kč Cena bez DPH: 1 868 Kč


2 130 Kč Cena bez DPH: 1 760 Kč

Illuminated Tenement Houses

5 090 Kč Cena bez DPH: 4 207 Kč

Decorative Dividers

900 Kč Cena bez DPH: 744 Kč


440 Kč Cena bez DPH: 364 Kč

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What do tables and chairs do for adults? They are used to sit, work, serve meals. Nothing prevents children from borrowing this functionality for their own mezzanines. Doctor Maria Montessori encouraged children to create furniture similar to those used by their parents. They should be easily perceived almost transparent, strong, comfortable and easy to clean. Their appearance is worth a bit of a fantasy that will awaken the child’s imagination. Convenience and availability of individual elements will encourage the child to explore the furniture. Such prospects are crucial in the proper development of the child’s motor skills.

My Mini Home furniture not only pleases the eye of a small user, but also assists them with strengthening hand-eye coordination and develop spatial orientation. Furniture provides free movement, which improves overall efficiency. Shelves with adjustable height are easily accessible and encourage you to put your favorite toys in them. The desk, in which the height of the tabletop can also be changed, is a great place for arranging puzzles, coloring and/or engaging in other manual games. Washable surfaces make it easier to clean up after playing, teaching you how to care for your workplace.

My Mini Home furniture is made of plywood and laminated MDF boards. These materials are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. They all derive from Polish producers and have appropriate safety certificates, including allergy certificates on behalf of the Polish Allergy Society. These are products recommended for the production of toys for children. The plywood and slabs can be trimmed freely, creating many fancy decorations. The Plates are hand-painted prior to cutting them. As a result, their finishes and decorations have a natural wood cross section. The edges of the furniture are hand-smoothed and free of splinters. Most of the furniture has a multi-functional character (4-in-1 screen, chair, house – chair and toy).